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Frequently Asked Questions

And its answers…

Why bow to the room start/end of training?

Why bow to a room - one may ask. Physically the participant bows to the room. The intention is to represent the readiness for training. One can view it like a switch. After bowing trainings begins for that particular person. With the last bowing upon leaving the room it stops.

Why bow at all?

Showing respect to each other is crucial to avoid bad feelings and injuries in a training group.

Why always show both hands?

Short answer: out of respect.

If anybody intends to do harm to somebody else, the greeting is a moment of proximity. By greeting somebody one puts oneself in a place where protection is down for a moment. Often the hands deliver the danger, so if a person shows both hands during the greeting process, he shows that he intends no harm.

This is an old habit from times, when people caused much more harm to each other in person than nowadays. Presently there is no way of showing ones intention while greeting in such a striking manner, so it remains a token of respect and peace.

What is patience?

Patience is not at all just waiting, but attentively sensing for a good moment/chance to act.

What is respect?

Respect means to discreetly take into account others as well as oneself. If everybody looks to him/herself as well as to others many things can be achieved.

  • injuries can be avoided
  • training fun increases
  • no bad feelings towards oneself or others
  • feeling strong together
  • learn about oneself
  • learn about others
  • patience is easier :-)
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